#justaline SMILE

#justaline SMILE

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Just a line but it can mean so much. The concept behind this range of prints is it maybe just a line but it holds such meaning. Within this line the word Smile is formed. 

You are never fully dressed without a Smile - we should listen to that Annie - she makes so much sense. I bloody loved Annie as a kid!

Smiling is contagious. Neurons in the brain help synchronise with who you are speaking to. If they smile. You'll smile. Unless you really dislike them, then it is just a grimace.

Smiling is medicine. Genuine smiles boost your immune system by decreasing cortisol in your body.

Smiling is the first facial expression. It doesn't matter that it happens when babies fart. It is still a smile.

Forcing a smile can help lift you from a sad mood. It makes you look prettier and can help reduce blood pressure. Seriously are you smiling. Do it now!!!! I am not saying you are ugly or unfit but lets smile more!

It is easier to smile than frown and is universally seen as a sign of happiness.

All that from just one little line. 

It maybe just a line but it means so much.

Available in three sizes - A4, A3 or 50x70cm

*Print Only*
Arrives in a hard backed envelope ready to be framed. We print to a size that is easy to frame from large stores - especially a very big Swedish one!