#justaline KING

  • £15.00

Just a line but it can mean so much. The concept behind this range of prints is it maybe just a line but it holds such meaning.

A King Can't be a King Without the Strength of His Queen
Look inside yourself, you are more than what you have become - Mufasa The Lion King
I'm the King of the Castle and you are the dirty rascal!

Together the King and Queen prints make a fabulous wedding or anniversary gift of which we can personalise with the surname at the bottom right on the print or leave blank. Or buy separately.

#justaline KING

I cannot wait to see how people style these new prints!
It maybe just a line but it means so much.

Available in three sizes - A4, A3 or 50x70cm.

*Print Only*

Arrives in a hard backed enveloped or roll ready to be framed. We print to a size that is easy to frame from large stores - especially a very big Swedish one!