#justaline ALPHABET

  • £15.00

ABCEFG. Next time sing along with me. The alphabet is one of those songs we still teach our children despite the whole phonics thing so really we are messing with their heads. Doesn't quite sound the same phonically!!

Just a line means so much. 

Is there any song that makes you feel like a child more so than the Alphabet?

The Alphabet is the latest in this series of designs. This beautiful print looks at home in a nursery or childs bedroom but equally stunning in a lounge or kitchen.

Some will instantly see the forms of the alphabet, others it takes a little time to distinguish the shapes. Others seriously have no clue - which is hilarious.

Available in three sizes - A4 or A3 or 50x70

*Print Only*
Arrives in a hard backed envelope ready to be framed. We print to a size that is easy to frame from large stores - especially a very big Swedish one!