INPO INSPO for Big Kids this Christmas

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One gift per child. I will show you mine if you show me yours. I need inspiration instead of spending out on a pile of crap and make any of your suggestions big presents so they take up lots of room in the ridiculous size stockings they have.

My selection is for a stocking filler or gift that will get the smile. You know THE smile. The smile that says 'Oh Mum, you know me. Like REALLY know me' and not the other smile. The fixed 'Thanks, seriously what am I supposed to do with that' smile. 

Liberty. 16

The water bottle of dreams. Honestly, to Liberty this is a thing of beauty. For her I am torn between the blush or grey because it would go with more of her outfits (seriously she will think about that) but then again the Mint could be a pop of colour..... Decisions.

HIP Water Bottle £14.95 Harvey Nicols

I am torn between that one and this one from Selfridges...

Swell Bijou Brilliance Swaroski-Embellished Water Bottle a mere snip at £1500.00. Might get that one in the sale.

Millicent.  14

My Moo Moo is my tricky customer because she never really asks for much. All year round as long as she has netball trainers she is pretty much a happy bunny. Millie loves stationary and I can go on a haul of the good old Sainsburys stationary aisle of dreams to pad out her stocking but I always feel I want to do something special for her.

At 14 there are so many things going on and hormones all over the place that at times the world can feel like a pretty daunting, scary place. In a world of phones, mobiles and laptops it is still so important to write that shit down. There is so much shit at 14 isn't there?? Get it out. Get it down on paper. So this is ideal for my Moo. With personalisation of course. That way this is something she can cherish further down the road too. 

Leather Personal Planner Large - £48.00 Kikki K

Or if a planner is a little bit too much I would go for a notebook from the legend that is @kemitelford who has the most beautiful hand crafted notebooks made from recycled leather with simply gorgeous quotes stamped in metallic foil.


Tommy. 12

Fifa points do not fill up a stocking but that would make him one happy boy. But my boy is talented. He can draw and he has such creativity which seems confined to his art homework. So I would love to fill his stocking with art materials but that is not going to get THE smile. Actually I think it would get the WTF face. So actually I think a pile of crap is just perfect for Tommy. This will have Tommy and his brother literally wetting themselves as they throw poo around our house. Oh the LOLs.

Sticky the Poo £6.95

Oscar. 8

So Oz is my youngest. My baby. Yet he is already 8, going on 18. Having older siblings means Oscar thinks he is a teenager already but I can just about get away with a onesie for him and he still likes to curl up on my lap for snuggles. The Next onesies are always super soft and wash well so they are my go to onesie and better still it will take up a tonne of room in his stocking! Win win! Lets face it though I am going to have to get Oz a pile of crap too otherwise they will just fight over it. Oh the fun we have at Christmas. 

Blue Star All-in-One £20 Next

I will probably succumb to the lure of the Lego at Christmas. We have tonnes of it. we could create Legoland in our garden and charge entry (now there's a plan) but Oscar has never actually built something of his own. Hand me down lego comes with a whole heap of problems when you do not keep the instructions and maybe, quite possibly, definitely have hoovered up a gazillion pieces in the last 10 years or so. I like to think all the spiders and wasps I hoover up are having a lovely time in their own ickle Legoland.

Lego Creator 10220 VW Camper Van £84.99 John Lewis

Anyway I really fancy, oops I mean Oscar would love the Lego Campervan. Yes yes yes it says for 16+ but we all know that Daddy, Grandad and Uncle Michael will be making it obviously allowing Oscar to place the final most important piece on. Oscar will want to zoom the camper van all round the floor and the dog will probably tread on it within half an hour but it will have tired out the old boys who will now be safely tucked up on the sofa searching for some footy.

Oh and if anyone happens to ask for me, the biggest kid of them all. A Hill & Friends Happy Bag in Happy Pink would make me very - you guessed it - over the bloody moon! Its the perfect size bag to carry around an Olympus Pen E-PL8. Bob and Hope spring to mind but a girl can dream.


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